Release Day Blitz: Lucky Ball by Lisa N. Paul




Title: Lucky Ball

Author: Lisa N. Paul

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Release Date: June 1, 2016




It’s all in the luck of the ball…

Quirky yet adorable, Wren Jamison couldn’t make a good decision if her life depended on it. When poor choices forced Wren to question her judgment, fate—in the shape of a small black ball—stepped in and took over. That orb became her lifeline. Now, years later, every move she makes revolves around her Fortune Ball. Every. Single. Decision.

Kissing Logan Enders isn’t a strange twist of fate—the ball tells her to do it. And she does. After all, the ball is never wrong. The sexy song-writing musician needs Wren to put her trust in him—not in the small screen of a children’s game. But just like any modern woman, Wren might prefer the dependability of the toy over the uncertainty of a man. So who will win?

All signs point to…

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My Review:🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
Do I recommend this book?  All signs point to yes. Lucky  Ball is a fantastic, enthralling read. We have Wren, our quirky heroine who’s hopelessly addicted to her Fortune Eight Ball, which she uses to make all her decisions. And we have Logan, our droolworthy hero, who could’ve been a rock star but instead chose to open a music school while his band went on to be famous with the music he writes. A seriously perfect pair.
I mean it. Wren is indecisive, thus the ball, but she’s so sweet and loyal and funny you absolutely wish you could be such a great person, or at least be her friend. She inspires loyalty. And Logan… can I have a Logan please? He’s my new favorite book boyfriend, finally managing to knock #Romeo out of the spot. The man is patient, and devious, and so protective. Not to mention seriously understanding. I mean, the girl he’s into tells him about her addiction to/dependency on a children’s toy and he only digs in deeper rather than run for the hills. But even the perfect guy has a limit.
This book will leave you in stitches and tears and keep you going until the end (seriously, don’t start before bed, quitting partway through is not a realistic option). You don’t want to miss this one, you’ll seriously be missing out. Grab for the release price!
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