Hansel 4 is Live! ARC review and release week blitz


Hiya guys!
For those of you who are legal (18 and up only please, this is dark erotica), check out Ella James’s newest twisted fairy tale, Hansel. As with her previous fairy tale serials, there are 4 parts (so far it says, sign up for Ella’s newsletter to keep posted!) and part 1 is free.

Hansel is the story of Leah and Hansel/Edgar/Luke (which name is really his? read to find out). In part one, Leah finds Hansel again after years of searching for him. In part two, he tries to push her away after finding out who she is. In part three, she fights to keep him. And in part four, he starts fighting too.
Full of twists and surprises, Hansel is well worth the read, and a brilliant rummaging of a classic tale.
There is a man, a woman, a sex club, and a mask. There’s pain, and pleasure, love, and secrets. A past shared, a present in flux, and a question of the future. With all the secrets and all the lies, where is the breaking point? Who will break, and who will bend? And in the end, will a fragile love survive the weight of the past?




Review (caution, a couple early part spoilers forthcoming) :
Part four of Hansel is just as gripping ad the remainder of the serial, well worth the wait and just as full of surprises as parts 1-3.
Luke and Leah are both fighting now, to hold on and to let go. But Mother’s house still has a dark hold over them both, and the weight of the secrets threatens to break them both beyond repair. Luke remains determined to let Leah go, as her determination to hold onto him grows fiercer. When Luke’s secrets begin to come to light, their fragile peace shatters about them.
I loved this serial, and even I didn’t see all the twists that came. I adore Luke and Leah, and I love them together. All that growth they achieve just by fighting for and pushing past what they already have. Watching the lies unravel and the secrets come out, I rooted for them all the way. I cried, I ached, I smiled. Ella James never disappoints, as she’s proved yet again with this newest chapter of Luke and Leah’s story. Can’t wait to see what comes next.
(6 stars. My rating scale is broken by my love of this book)
A huge thank you to Ella for letting me be on her launch team and providing ARCs for review.
Now, for those of you who have been waiting for part 4, it’s live! And for those of you unfamiliar with the story so far, pick up part one…it’s freeee. Just like the first parts of Red and Beast are.
Happy Readings,


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