Street Teams and Fan Clubs

Alright, so…I’ve had some drama lately, and am just getting around to getting this, my new blog off the ground. Ah, well. Today, I actually have some worthy book-related news to post about.

So, this week I won Kristie Cook’s Teaser Tuesday giveaway on Facebook! Squee! Anybody like Kristie Cook? Check out her Facebook. She does 2 giveaways weekly!

Also, I recently discovered Lynn Rush’s work and have been admitted to her Street Team (Rock Stars group)! Super cool. I also signed up to be in C.C. Hunter ‘s fan club (aka backup Street Team) so here’s hoping I make that. Also made Lisa Renee Jones’s closed Facebook group. And signed up for the release day party for Candace Knoebel’s Evernight! Super excited about all of this, and hopefully more to report on these fronts in the near future.

Happy readings, and check out all of the above mentioned authors. These ladies rock!


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